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You should be using: Less Annoying CRM

Background: I didn’t know what a CRM was, kind of like I didn’t know what SEO meant until like two months ago. I was asking my accelerator advisors, “what program do you use to keep track of leads and stuff?” They responded, “I know a great CRM.” Recognizing the blank stare on my face, they translated: Customer Relationship Manager. There are a lot of CRMs out there, but many are too expensive and have too many bells and whistles for early stage companies. Many of my colleagues recommended and use Less Annoying CRM. If you grow out of it, you can export the contacts to a .CSV and import them into a more sophisticated program.

What? A CRM that is simple, requires no training, and gets the job done in a simple interactive format.

Why? Because you’re probably using an excel sheet right now to manage your leads. It has everything you actually need whether you’re an early stage to a growth stage startup.

How much? There is a solid free trial and definitely use their referral program to give each other discounts, but once your month free trial ends, it’s going to cost you $10/user/month.

Take Note: You can’t yet sync it with QuickBooks or MailChimp, so if you’re looking for something fancier, check out Zoho or Salesforce.

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