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You should be using: Grammarly

Background:¬†Using the correct syntax when I write has always been somewhat important to me (as long as my readers don’t see all of my lazy screw ups). I think the way you write and speak makes an impression on others. While you might just totally screw up the speaking thing, you now have a chance to fix your writing. Especially for all of you Miami entrepreneurs whose first language ain’t English. Welcome Grammarly:

What?¬†“Spellcheck” for grammar and even for spelling but better. It works when you type on the web in a browser (for the free version). No more confusing “was” and “were,” or “further” and “farther.”

Why? Because why not. I bet there are some errors you’re making that you didn’t even know you’re making.

How Much? The free version works well, but if your grammar needs a lot of help:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 6.46.01 PM

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