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You should be using: DocSend

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.14.30 PM

Background: Most startups have quite a large marketing deck. It’s not even their length, but there are a lot of high-resolution photos, renderings, and they are pretty dense with content. It’s also annoying to add the attachment every time you want to send an email. It not only takes up a TON of space in “sent” folders, but I imagine it does the same for the recipients’ “inbox.” You also never know what page your readers stopped at, or if they clicked on links, or if they forwarded it. And then there is DocSend.

What? There are a million things you can use this for. Sales pitches, pitch decks, and more. If you want to really learn the details (of their pitch, and test out the product from the UX), check out their pitch deck on their website.

Why? Because you want analytics on your documents, and you want to be more effective with your marketing.

How much? I think the free version works well, but the fancier versions range from $10-30/user/month.

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