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You should be using: Calendly

Background: Many of you know about Calendly already, but some of you don’t so it’s worth a short post. I hate coordinating a time for phone calls. I have to go in my schedule and look for 3 times that work, just for the other person to reply and tell me that none of those would work, but he/she could do “30 minutes later.” With Calendly, which I put right in my signature line, I politely suggest to my contact “In an effort to simply coordinating a time to speak, please visit my Calendly page and schedule a time at your convenience.” Some people think you shouldn’t do it if you’re on the seller side speaking with a buyer, but I think that’s a stupid bias we should remove from society. Although I probably wouldn’t suggest it to an investor.

What? A program that syncs with your calendar to show your availability to third parties. These third parties can then select a time to speak, and an automated email with a calendar invite and contact details is sent to you and the party.

Why? Because everyone spends way too much time trying to figure out a time that works.

How Much? The free version works well, but if you want to get fancy and get your whole company coordinated, there’s a more expensive option (that’s still relatively cheap). Make sure you prepare for when your free trial runs out and you lose some of the features.

Take Note: First, this only really works well if you use your calendar regularly and sync it with your email addresses. Second, beware of your contacts becoming a little too familiar with your Calendly. In other words, your contacts might take the liberty of scheduling a call when they need something, or when they just want to catch up. That’s annoying. The third thing I’d recommend is to make sure you don’t allow calls to be scheduled back to back; work in a 5-minute break. The last thing is, only make calls schedulable the first half or second half of the day (don’t forget about the East/West Coast time difference). Otherwise, your schedule looks completely open, and you want to control when you get calls. Oh and I forgot, make sure you add in custom questions when you set up an account along the lines of “What number would you like me to call? and “What’s the name of your company?”

Wish list: It works best for phone calls, not in person meetings. I also would love to take the bias out of this. A bunch of my friends don’t like to direct clients, advisors, investors, or other people that require a certain type of respect. It’s just so much easier for both parties, so I wish everyone could see it as a tool.

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