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Meet: Brian Breslin of Refresh, InfiniMedia, SimCase, and more.


Brian Breslin is one of the godfathers of Miami tech. Refresh Miami, which you’ll read about below, helped unite the startup culture in its early phases. Now, he runs a few companies and is basically a walking wikipedia of startups in South Florida.

Who are you? “I’m Brian Breslin, and I’m a Miami native.”

Tell us about the where you work: “SimCase. Our goal is to build engaging programs that can help teach complex math and business concepts through games.”

When did it launch? “About year ago. My partner is going through Startup Chile. The first pilot is with a few schools in South America.”

What is your role? “Co-Founder.”

What were you doing before this current venture? “College. As soon as I graduated, I started InfiniMedia, web apps and mobile stuff and then about a year after that I was looking for a community to connect, and there wasn’t one and so I started Refresh Miami.”

Tag an entrepreneur to be interviewed: “Shaun Abrahamson of Urban.Us. It’s a social impact driven investment fund focusing on how to use technology to improve our community and save our city.”

Where is your office located? “WeWork, Miami Beach.”

What productivity apps does your team use? “Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Github, Outlook.”

Do you offer any products or services that Miami startups/businesses can buy, use, or otherwise benefit from? “Refresh is building out a directory of startups and resources for startups. We’ll be sending out emails for how to list your startup or service soon. Definitely get on the mailing list of Refresh. We stay current and list all public events for the community. There is a big need for us to start leveraging the resources we have here, so we want to make it easier for everyone to connect.”

How did you acquire your first 5-100 users? “From Refresh’s standpoint it was a ‘build it and they will come.’ We also had great SEO in the beginning. We were the only game in town back then. As far as SimCase, it was leveraging personal relationships. Personal network is way more important when you’re selling a high touch product or service.”

Best marketing trick/strategy: “People need to very clearly announce or discuss their value proposition on their website. Visitors need to understand what you’re selling, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of traffic and visitors won’t convert.”

Who made your website? “InfiniMedia.”

What’s a great PR firm for South Florida startups? “There are a couple PR firms that specialize. Check out pFunk Media or Carve Communications.”

What is your vision for South Florida? “I’d like to see the community get to a point where there is enough of a balanced ecosystem, and you see new companies being formed on a regular basis and people exiting on a regular basis.”

Name some angel groups or investment sources in South Florida? “AGP Miami, New World Angels, Miami Innovation Fund, 500 Startups, Scout Ventures.”

Resources for hardware startups, for software startups: “There are a few in North Dade and South Broward. Motorola is a big one, for example. In a few weeks, there will be a list of resources and all startups in South Florida on Refresh. Sign up for our mailing list to get the scoop.”

What is the best advice you’ve received? “Be constantly receptive to learning from your customer interactions. Rarely does one understand the consumer perfectly, initially.”

What is the first step one should take when they launch a startup? “Make sure you’re solving a problem someone is willing to pay for.”

Best coffee in Miami: “Panther. But also a fan of Cuban Coffee, so Sergio’s.”

I wish a Miami startup would create an app that “solves traffic congestions and sea level rise.”

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