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You should be using: HelloSign

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.09.28 AM

Background: I am an attorney by training (double cane here). I cannot stress enough the importance of solid legal documents. Some documents you can prepare yourself, but many of you aren’t attorneys so you should always have a real attorney read it over. Anyway, this app/website has nothing to do with the contents of legal documents, but it saves time and is legally enforceable. No more printing and signing, thanks to HelloSign.

What? A super easy way to sign PDFs directly from emails. It is then stored so you don’t lose it in your Dropbox sea of PDFs and NDAs.

Why? Because printing and signing is sooo 2015.

How much? Free for up to 3 documents/month. Thereafter, $13 to $40.

Take Note: I still don’t understand why people are not taking advantage of resources like this, especially when I’m like a celebrity at my condo building for having a printer and letting people use it.

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