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You should be using: Flyp

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Background: I’m an entrepreneur who, like you, has to run a lean startup and cut and avoid costs wherever possible. So, you can bet that it was my personal cell phone is on my signature line of emails. That resulted in clients texting me at all hours of the day, with the pressure to respond quickly interfering with the little free time I took for myself. And then I learned about Flyp. It’s so much better than Google Voice, and here’s why:

What? An app that allows you to create another telephone number. You can pick your own area code, make and receive calls, create a custom voicemail greeting and receive voicemails, and send and receive texts. You can also turn on “Do Not Disturb”, which is amazing for obvious reasons.

Where? Google Play and iTunes.

Why? So you don’t have to pay your coworking space $50+ a month to have a direct number, and you never have to miss a call (unless you want to). Plus, giving out your personal number sucks.

How much? Each line costs only $2.99/month.

Bitch list (please fix this, Flyp): It weirdly creates random numbers and adds them into your phone’s contact book. You can’t share a number with your coworkers. When someone calls you and you answer, there is an awkward connection time. The same goes for when you call someone.

One comment on “You should be using: Flyp

  1. Tori
    January 12, 2016

    Hey- Tori from flyp here. Thanks for sharing how you’re using flyp! We launched an update for iOS yesterday that allows you to import all of your contacts from your existing contacts list and save multiple phone numbers to a single contact– among other things. So be sure to update and I’ll pass along your feedback to our development team.


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