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You should be using: pif

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Background: I have been having a difficult time meeting entrepreneurs and the startup community easily, which is part of the reason I wanted to start this blog. But what if meeting entrepreneurs could be accomplished easily through an app? Enter a “tinder” style networking app for the startup community called PIF (Pay it Forward).

What? An app where you can meet other entrepreneurs, coders, founders, etc. A simple user interface, you sign up through your Facebook account.

How much? Free.

Thoughts: Right now, there aren’t a lot of users in a 50-mile radius of Brickell (where I am n0w). I swiped through the users in about 5 minutes. Further, there were very few people of interest, or actual entrepreneurs/coders. There were a few marketing people, and people trying to sell a service, so abuse will pose a huge risk to the app’s success. I think if we all joined, it would be a big step towards unifying our community (CRITICAL MASS). I will say that I did see a few VC guys and a Cisco guy on there, although I’m sure the app promoted that at its launch.

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