In The Silicon Tropic

By South Florida entrepreneurs, for South Florida entrepreneurs. All things tech in the sunny Silicon Tropic.

Announcing: STEP

Every Wednesday, we will post a STEP: Silicon Tropic Elevator Pitch. To be featured, fill out the form below and we will be in touch to hear the full pitch. You must be prepared to disclose all of the following information (if not all, must be for good cause):

  1. Your name and the startup’s name:
  2. Give us your elevator pitch. 3 sentences max:
  3. Market Opportunity:
  4. Stage:
  5. Revenue Model:
  6. Are you raising money?
    1. Amount raising (optional):
  7. Why is your team uniquely situated to do this?
  8. Competitive landscape:
  9. Competitive advantage/value proposition:

For those entrepreneurs that want it, we will post a poll following each STEP asking our readers if they’d invest (no, we won’t disclose the results publicly).

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