In The Silicon Tropic

By South Florida entrepreneurs, for South Florida entrepreneurs. All things tech in the sunny Silicon Tropic.

About Us


There is more to Miami than great weather, beaches, and nightlife. Miami has been going through an incredible transformation; the different neighborhoods are developing unique identities, its allure has drawn young professionals to migrate from all over the world, and we are pouring in the foundation for what will be an incredible tech-hub. Already, there are amazing things happening in this city, and we want to raise awareness and unite the community through one medium: a blog with guides, news, interviews, and events. We want to deliver a one-stop shop for information on the thriving Miami startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and the ecosystem.

Our purpose is not necessarily to talk about what everyone’s talking about, but to talk about what no one is talking about. We want to highlight the people, startups, and news that are making our region so unique. We want everyone to know each other, grow together, and have informed, sufficient bragging rights to our friends out West. We also will provide a practical guide for startups, which will include applications, documents, and advice.

We’re casual and we aren’t trying to be fancy. We don’t have blogging experience and we’re not trying to make money. Our mission, outlined above, can be and will be accomplished in a more efficient, relaxed, and fun manner.

Silicon Valley is, well, Silicon Valley. The startup community in Los Angeles is known as “Silicon Beach”, and even the Midwest has a nickname: “Silicon Prairie.” When we started to brainstorm ideas for this blog, we realized that there is no uniform way to refer to Miami’s startup community. In an effort to kick off the blog and let the world know that Miami does have a scene that rivals some of the great tech cities, we wanted to name it. That’s when we thought of “Silicon Tropic,” and it stuck.

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