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Meet: Ignacio Galarraga of The Netmen Corp.

Learn more about Nacho Galarraga, founder of The Netmen Corp., an amazing graphic design firm and The Silicon Tropic’s newest sponsor!

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The Promise of Miami by Cristian F. Robiou

What is the current environment of the Miami tech ecosystem, and how do we ensure growth and sustainability? Find out here.

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Meet: David Barkoe of Carve Communications

Learn more about David Barkoe of Carve Communications, South Florida’s marketing and PR firm for startups, and how it can help your startup.

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Meet: Olivier Grinda of Home61

Read about an experienced, successful serial entrepreneur who is disrupting the real estate industry.

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Meet: Tim Berthold of Miami Hustle

Learn more about the host of Miami’s podcast, Miami Hustle Series, and our new partnership!

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Need a gift? Support our ecosystem and buy from Miami startups.

Check out some of the great gift options from South Florida startups.

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Meet: Evan Schapiro of PMG

An up and coming real estate developer, Evan Schapiro, Managing Director of PMG talks real estate development, internet of things, and competition.

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Meet: Ariel Quinones of Ironhack

Who are you? (Where you from?). Ariel Quinones from Puerto Rico, an entrepreneur who wants to change the education world. Currently working on my first educational venture, Ironhack. What is … Continue reading

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Meet: Jen Lannon of Building

Jennifer Lannon is in charge of business development and membership at Brickell’s premier collaborative workspace, Building. Learn about how Building adds values to its members, about Springboard Enterprises, BioHealth, and more.

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Meet: Juan Palacio of Bloomsy

Who are you and where you from? “Juan Palacio. I’m from Bogota, Colombia but I’ve been living in Miami for 15+ years.” Tell us about Bloomsy.  “We are a monthly … Continue reading

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